aquaburg-aquawand-englisch-flagge AquaWand is the latest development in mobile flood protection

When not in use it is kept on site in a concrete channel, which is part of the sidewalk, sea-wall or the like. When needed, it is erected in an extremely short time, to ne folded back into the channel, after the flood is over.


Photo: AquaWand – immediately available and quick to rig

The pre-installed mobile AquaWand120 flood protection wall has been tested and approved at the water laboratory of TUHH (TuTech Zentrum für Klimafolgenforschung KLIFF / Climate Impact Research Centre). The research results are:

  • Rigged and ready for use in a few minutes, with minimum personnel
  • AquaWand successfully stands all impact tests
  • Despite the high impact load, AquaWand did not fail
  • Leak tests proved the leak rate to be negligible
  • No material fatigue after 100 rig cycles

AquaWand – New Economic Efficiency

  • No logistics costs
  • No storge costs
  • Low personnel costs
  • Enhanced commercial efficiency through the added drainage effect

Final analysis: efficiently priced with almost no subsequent costs.

AquaWand – New Efficacy


Photo: The rigged AquaWand / AquaWand embedded in the soil

No more than 2 tools, 2 men and 2 hours are needed to rig 200 meters of AquaWall (no load vehicles, lift trucks or any other auxiliary devices).

  • AquaWand – immediately available and quick to rig.
  • Simple rigging: No special tools needed, no loose parts, nor any storage and transportation logistics.
  • All elements are at hand on site and immediately available when needed.

AquaWall is the most efficient mobile flood control system available in the market place.

AquaWand – New Safety!


Photo: Flotsam test at Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH)

The 400 kg flotsam bundle hits the flexible AquaWall at a speed of approx. 10 km/h.

  • High system stability
  • High impact resistance and force absorption capability through flexible wire meshes, steel ropes and post belts alongside the entire wall length
  • Leak-proof water-tight connection between tarpaulin and concrete duct.
  • Post-to-posst safety belts
  • Protection against penetrating water from the soil to the concrete duct
  • Small post distance
  • Fast to rig in all weathers

AquaWall is redundantly rigged – all components are positively interconnected – a unique feature no other mobile flood control system can provide.

Corner – wall connection – drain – (pump sump)


Photo: Corner, wall connection, drain, and pump sump

  • 1. Corner with reinforcement – available up to 90°
  • 2. Connection in wall with cover plate
  • 2. Connection „while in use“, with AquaWand inserted
  • 3. Connection ON wall with cover plate
  • 4. The pump is positioned in the drain, pumping rain water, ground water and leak water via the AquaWand into the flood

Sturdy corners, elegant wall connections and ever-dry feet because of smart drainage solution are standard with AquaWand.

Overview of the AquaWall


Photo: The rigged AquaWand


Photo: AquaWand embedded in the soil

1. Concrete duct, 2. Drainage, 3. Lid, 4. Hot galvanized steel post, 5. Stainless steel mesh, 6. Fabric reinforced tarpaulin, 7. Safety belt, 8. Optional deep ground gasket, 9. Installation depth – 75 cm, 10. Protective height – 200 cm, 11. Optional relief drainage.

AquaWand types


Photo: AquaWand types

AquaWand is available for damming heights from 80 to 200 cm and can be integrated into walls and dams.

AquaWand – application scenario


Photo: Application scenario

Different AquaWall types and graded sealing capabilities in the ground provide individual and reasonably priced solutions.

AquaWand – a wealth of advantages


Photo: Advantages

The product video of the AquaWand gives in 4:16 Minutes an overview.


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